Solar panel

Solar Power Systems Installation

We are experienced at solar panel installation and are Solar Power Systems Installation experts. Solar panels and solar power is the acknowledged way to go to save on household power costs, utilize clean energy by getting solar electricity and getting solar rebates from power companies.

As we are fully independent we will give you fully independent advice.

Residential Solar Panel Installations, Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

We are experienced in installing Solar power systems for your home power supply up to 100kw systems.

You will be delighted at the falling solar panels cost and our solar installation prices.
We will also undertake an audit on your panels to ensure that the panels are working and safe.

We also undertake panel cleaning to ensure your solar panels are working at peak efficiency.

We will offer a premium expert service for your home Solar installations.

The Solar Cell

A solar cell recieves the energy from sunlight and converts that energy into electricity.

Sunlight is converted into electricity

Roof panels have photovoltaic cells or solar cells. Sunlight reaches the cells  and converts the power into electrical direct current (DC) . Solar cells have a productive lifetime of about 25 years.

An inverter then converts the DC power to 240V alternating current for use in homes.

Electricity meter – bi-directional

This meter measures the power used in your home and the power sent back to the power grid in 30 minute blocks.. Power not used can be sold to the power company – this is the feed-in tariff.